I have a number of project ideas bubbling away in my mind, so I thought I’d write them up for anyone who might be interested in working on them.

These are all long term projects and I’ll be organising shoots based around them over the coming months and even years.

Location-wise, London and the South East would be best, but I’d be prepared to travel further afield for a really great location. I do the occasional photographic road trip, so more distant locations are always possible.

Most of the project shoots will be quite quick. I’m after one or two final shots per shoot, so they shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours at most. In some cases we may be able to combine the time with other work for a longer shoot.

If you’re interested in working on any of these projects, please contact me via the contact page, Purpleport or Purestorm indicating which project you’re interested in.

 The Projects